Pazo de Medín (Porto Outeiro)

Pazo de Portoouteiro (Pazo de Medín)

P azo of easy construction which has a single shield on the façade dated in the 18th century, representing Vilardefrancos' armed wing, as well as Leis family's tree and stakes, Moscoso's wolf and the tower of Pardiñas or Riobó.

The building is surrounded by a high wall. Inside of the wall we find a type of hórreo called "cabazo" (a hórreo is a traditional Galician granary built in wood or stone and raised from the ground by pillars) of large dimensions as well as a 16th-century pigeon house. In the construction of this baroque building, granite stone was used for margins and details. It has two floors. Small windows have been open in the ground floor's storing area as the noble area has six windows adorned and stonework sills. The pazo also has a baroque chapel with a rectangular plant and presbytery, a simple, distinct door and belfry tower with pinnacles and balusters.

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