Way of St. James

O Pino is the Galician municipality that covers the most kilometres of the French Way of St. James, more precisely eighteen. The French Way goes across the following parishes: San Verísimo de Ferreiros, San Miguel de Cerceda, Santa Eulalia de Arca, San Miguel de Pereira y Santa María de Castrofeito. Starting in Calzada and Valle, within San Breixo parish, the way moves forward to the vicinity of the Lavacolla airport, in Santiago de Compostela.

Hidden under the vegetation, we find details that refer to the worship of St. James: milestones with their scallop shells and even small altars which have been improvised by pilgrims in random, natural places. Step by step the walker discovers vegetation landscapes in harmony with buildings and arable lands throughout this municipality.

Special landmarks: Santa Irene's hermitage, with its fountain and oak wood; the villages of Calzada and Rúa, with their fountain and "Pazo de Dúas Casas" (Dúas Casas manor); the lush oak woods along both sides of the whole way, spirits, resting areas and hostels for pilgrims in Santa Irene and O Pedrouzo.

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