Route of the "Marquesa"

Route of the Marquesa

T his linear route is not very difficult, regarding the efforts required from walkers. It runs for four and a half kilometres connecting two worldwide renown paths: the French Way of Santiago – declared World Heritage Site in 1998 – and the Via Romana XIX – one of the roads built, designed and used by the Roman Empire – which used to link the cities of Braga, in Portugal, and Lugo, in Galicia. The landmarks of this route are the surrounding oak woods – of great beauty – the "Pazo" or Manor of the Marquess of Montesacro and the cedar located in that pazo. In particular, such a cedar is recorded as the highest of its kind in Galicia, with 18 metres of height. The path of the "Ruta da Marquesa" (Route of the Marchioness) goes through the parishes of Arca and O Pino. It starts in the crossroads of the N-547, in the village of A Rúa – where we also find the Way of Santiago – until we reach the N-634 heading to Curtis – where we find the Via Romana XIX. This is a linear route with an estimated length of four and a half kilometres. The route can be done on foot or riding a horse or a bike. The estimated time for walking this route is an hour and half. The difficulty of this route is low since it has a gentle relief with just a few slopes. The name "Ruta da Marquesa" comes from the popular name with which is called the “Pazo do Marqués de Montesacro.” The name is also used to refer to the beautiful path between oak trees which runs through the surroundings of this estate.

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